About Troop 224

Troop 224 is a boy-led Boy Scout Troop dedicated to the ideals of the Boy Scouts of America national organization. We seek to provide opportunities for fun, learning and leadership development. We understand that boys and families will have many competing obligations and activities, and we believe that Scouting can offer valuable experiences while allowing boys to maintain a balanced life.

Troop 224 has a year-round schedule of activities, determined annually by a group of boy leaders who make up the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC). We attend summer camp every year; the choice of location is determined by a vote by the entire Troop. We also rotate two longer, more-intensive trips on a three-year schedule: a “big trip” and a “Senior trip.” Recent trips include Hawaiian Adventure, Emerald Bay on Catalina Island, Florida Sea Base, Northern Tier Canoeing, Philmont Scout Ranch, Sea of Cortez Scuba Diving.

While the boys determine outings and activities and run regular meetings, the Troop is overseen by a Troop Committee, comprising Troop parents and other interested adults who serve as officers and fill other critical Committee roles. This group meets monthly to conduct business and maintain communication among Troop families.

Troop 224 was first registered with the Boy Scouts of America in May of 1953. A group of 224 parents was given the responsibility to guide and support the Troop under the name of “Friends of 224.”  The Troop now meets in the Scout Hut at Happy Valley Elementary School under a cooperative agreement with the Lafayette School District.

The symbol shown along with this text is the emblem on the troop neckerchief. It is symbolic of many things, some borrowed from the long-standing association the Troop has had with the Navajo Nation, and others dealing directly with significant values of the Troop.

The annual Christmas Tree Lot is the sole fundraising activity for the Troop. Both Scouts and parents are expected to help set up, work shifts and clean up at the end of the season. The reward for the hard work on the Tree Lot is the troop’s financial ability to underwrite much of the costs of the Troop’s equipment and activities, such as tents, monthly outings, adult participation in Troop activities, adult and Scout training, and summer hikes.