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Tomales Bay Writeup

Seeing the bioluminescence during the night paddle was a very unique experience, especially seeing schools of fish make light trails in the water as we paddled at night. The darker the better for seeing the bio (e.g., no moon).

Many of the Scouts, especially the younger ones, got tired of paddling. We launched from Millers Boat Launch (aka Nick’s Cove), at about 11:00 we paddled west across the bay north of hog island, and southeast to Tomales Beach where there were restrooms, trash, and tables. We got there about 2:30. There was plenty of room for more campers on the beach. We had a roaring campfire, but no skits, because the group was tired and cold after the night paddle.

We returned in a more direct route on Sunday morning. We saw seals, pelicans, sea gulls, jelly fish, clams, and many other birds. At night, our food was attacked by raccoons and we heard coyotes. Some of the Scouts didn’t bring enough clothes. Once clothes got wet they wouldn’t dry due to damp, windy, and cool weather. Sand from the beach got into everything.

The gear boat was critical to transport the equipment. The Blue Water Kayaking guides were very knowledgeable, but seemed to lack experience with Boy Scouts. They provided wet suits and splash jackets, although they weren’t really necessary. They provided tables, chairs, drinking water, and other kitchen equipment. 

It was a great trip! 

Advance Camp 2018

About 21 scouts from Troop 224 went to Advance Camp at the Solano County Fairgrounds this year.  It was a great experience for everyone who attended.  Colin was the scout leader of the trip and Mr. Kryzuliack was the aduly organizer, thanks to both of them for the work you put in for the Troop. 

Many merrit badges and rank advancements happened.  There were over 2500 scouts in attendance.  


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