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Camporee this Weekend - Mandatory attendance for all Scouts!

Posted on Apr 26 2016 - 10:05pm

Troop 224 Families,

 With Camporee this weekend, I wanted to let everyone know more details.


1. This is the one mandatory Scouting event of the year and everyone is expected to attend. If you cannot please send an email to Mr Blocker.

2. If you are arriving late, send an email to Mr Blocker.

3. We will meet at the Hut between 7-7:15am, pick up our gear and drive over to Bear Creek Road, Briones with Patrols.

We need to arrive at Briones no later than 8am.

4. scouts should be in your absolute best class A including hiking boots.

5. Pack a bag lunch for Saturday.

6. Remember to pack your 10 essentials. (listed here: http://www.troop224lafayette.com/node/71100)

7. Map attached for the hike in.


Make sure you:

1. Organize your carpool to camp, we hike in by patrol not troop. You also need to coordinate you patrols carpool home.

2. Remember to bring all your gear.

3. Patrol Flag

4. Patrol Yell

5. Grubmaster - with print out of the menu to post at campsite

6. Nature Handout

7. Camp gadget to build

8. List of Duty Roster

9. Campfire skit

10. Patrol leaders need to bring an attached booklet to camporee


1. Scouts need to be at the Hut between 7-7:15am 

2. Scouts can be picked up at Bear Creek Road, Briones after 11:00 am on Sunday.

 Please let Mr. Blocker know ASAP if you are not able to make it so we can plan accordingly. Please remember to bring a backpack with all of your gear for the hike into the camp, also remember to bring a bagged lunch for the day we get there. The rest of the meals will be provided. Let me know if you have any more questions!


Jeffrey Novak

Summer Camp 2016

Posted on Apr 26 2016 - 7:09pm

Troop 224 will be going to Summer Camp at Wente Scout Reservation July 17-23, 2016!

Wente Scout Reservation is a Nationally Accredited Boy Scout camp located near Willits in Mendocino County.

This outing is limited to 27 scouts and is full.  (Contact David Browne with questions).  Camp Attendees

3 adults (including 2 Uniformed Leaders) will camp all week with the scouts.




50 Miler

Posted on Apr 7 2016 - 10:01pm

The 2016 backpack trek will explore Lassen Volcanic National Park. This trek is designed for all Scouts going into 7th grade and above who complete at least 5 of the practice hikes and want to test their mettle, fortitude, strength of character, moral fiber, determination, true grit, courage, and bravery. A deposit of $100 is required by 12/31/15 so we can make reservations and finalize plans. The total cost should be minimal other than the cost of personal gear. Lassen Peak is situated at the southern most end of the Cascade Range, which includes Mount Shasta and stretches through Oregon and Washington and into British Columbia. Lassen is part of a vast, active volcanic lava plateau stretching north to Lava Beds National Monument and Crater Lake in Oregon. In 1915 Lassen Peak exploded, blowing a giant mushroom cloud more than 7 miles into the atmosphere. This eruption profoundly altered the surrounding landscape for many miles. The area possesses a plethora of volcanic phenomena and associated thermal features such as lava pinnacles, lava flows, cinder cones, jagged craters, steaming sulfur vents, hot creeks, boiling springs, percolating mud pots, and steaming fumaroles. This trek wanders through the forested, mile-high plateau (6,000 – 8,000 feet) east of Lassen Peak, passing many placid lakes, beautiful meadows, and cinder cones. The forest is largely lodgepole pine with a mixture of Jeffrey pine, western white pine, shire fir, red fir, and hemlock. Reminders of volcanic and glacial origin can be seen throughout the area including the Fantastic Lava Beds and the Painted Dunes. Many small and large depressions scattered over this plateau have become lovely lakes or meadows. On our way home, we will also attempt to summit the 10,500 foot Lassen Peak.


 Sat 7/2 – Drive about 4 hours from Lafayette to Summit Lake in Shasta County

Sun 7/3 – Hike from Summit Lake to Snag Lake

Mon 7/4 – Hike from Snag Lake to Butte Lake, Climb Cinder Cone (about 2 miles round trip)

Tue 7/5 – Climb Prospect Peak (about 7 miles round trip), Hike from Butte Lake to Widow Lake

Wed 7/6 – Hike from Widow Lake to Horseshoe Lake

Thu 7/7 – Hike from Horseshoe Lake to Summit Lake

Fri 7/8 – Climb Mt. Lassen (about 5 miles round trip), Drive about 4 hours to Lafayette

 For more information, please call assistant Scoutmaster Bill Van Oss at 925-944-9026.

Friends of Scouting 2016 Fundraiser - let's meet our goal!

Posted on Feb 1 2016 - 10:34pm

Dear Troop 224 Families,

 This week we are kicking off our annual Friends of Scouting fundraising campaign for the Mt. Diablo Silverado Council. I'm sure you'll agree that Scouting makes a difference in our community and in the lives of our sons who participate in the program.  The council needs our financial support to provide for over 14,000 youth who participate in Scouting in this area.  The council supports us by providing leader training, maintenance for camps and facilities, liability and accident insurance coverage, and administrative and staffing services.

Volunteers Needed

Posted on Jan 27 2015 - 6:13am

Dear Troop 224 Parents - We are a volunteer organization and have many new scouts who have joined the troop this year.  We need your help to keep the troop functioning well.  The following positions are open and need filling. Please let Alex Coate know if you can help out. Thank you. 

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